Buy Avon

To Buy Avon

Local to Frankfort, Illinois: Call or text Jill Jackson at 708-248-2348 for fast delivery or pickup. Due to the size of her customer base, Jill has many items on hand in her in home “store” and will also order your items quickly if not on hand.

Need an Avon book? Customers receive mailed Avon catalogs every month. To receive a brochure, please email me your name and address.

Sign up here for email notifications or text notifications of free shipping codes and other money saving promotions.

Nationwide: Order directly from me on my Avon Store Online. Free shipping is available at $40 minimum purchase! Once you order online with me you can expect to receive current Avon books mailed to your home if you wish.  Go to

To shop online – There are three ways to better assist you!  You can choose to shop by the website, brochure or Avon product number.

Shop by website. Go to and you’ll see all the items in an easy to view website.

Shop by brochure online. You can browse the actual brochure page by page virtually and click on the item you wish to purchase.

Shop by item number: Online on the top right side of my Avon Store Website you’ll see “shop by product number”. This is where you can enter in the Avon product numbers if you have a book in front of you.


Sell Avon-

Become an Avon Representative to receive your favorite items at a 40% discount.  There are no minimums or quotas to receive a discount, great for those who want to save money but aren’t interested in selling Avon to friends and family. Start here with a $25 Avon start up kit.

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