12 days of Avon deals Day ONE

For the next 12 days, Avon will be putting a new deal up for my online shoppers! This is a great way to save money on Avon products, get a free gift for yourself or someone on your list.

Today, day one, you’ll receive a Holiday Bath Oil with any purchase of $45 or more plus free shipping!

This is our popular Skin So Soft bath oil with a festive holiday packaging.

Shop with me, your Avon representative, here… www.LocalAvon.com



How to place your first Avon Order as a Representative on youravon.com

Congratulations on your first order! To place your order, log into youravon.com and have the orders you need to place ready.

Not a representative yet? Start your Avon business here.


1. Understand What She Wants: Your Starter Kit will include order books. These books will give you a good idea of what info you will need when placing a customer’s order. You will find that prospects and customers often communicate their orders in a more informal manner. Some may write it out on a piece of paper or email you a list of products while others earmark pages and circle the products they want to purchase.

2. Create Your New Customer Record: Before you submit your customer’s order, be sure to create a record for your new customer. You will be dropped into the “My Orders” section. You will want to select the “Add New Customer” link and complete the pop up which requires contact information such as email, phone, and mailing address.


3. Create an Order: To get started, start typing the customer’s name OR click the drop down and select the customer you are looking for. Once you’ve selected your customer, choose the campaign you want to place your order in. Click Create Order.

4. Complete Your Order Entry Form: Search for a product by selecting the magnifying glass. Begin typing the description or the brand, like Anew. Click Search.


You might see different prices for the same item. Products may be a part of a special promotion you need to qualify for, so check the specific campaign brochure for details. Click the product number you want to head back to the Item Entry Order form. (Note: the item box should now be filled in). Once you have completed entering items, click the hot pink “Add Items to Order” button at the bottom of the form.

5. Place YOUR Order: As you continue to add orders during this campaign for other customers, they will continue to live in your cart until you are ready to submit YOUR order. When you are ready to place YOUR order be sure to complete the following steps:

  • Navigate back to your cart by selecting “Cart View”
  • Click the checkbox for each order you wish to submit
  • Verify your Customer count
  • Choose which kind of shipment you would like – Regular or Separate
  • Click “Continue to Sales Tools”

6. Order Sales Tools: The next step in this process provides you with an opportunity to restock your essential Sales Tools like brochures. If you ordered brochures earlier in your order, verify those quantities now. If you haven’t already ordered them, you can do so now by entering the number of packs of 10 you want. If you need additional brochures for the prior campaign – you can order them here too! When you’re ready to continue, simply click the “Continue to Order Summary” button.

7. Double Check YOUR Order: Before you confirm your order, be sure to skim over your Order Summary to identify any products that are unavailable, based on shipping method. Items that are unavailable for the next several campaigns, or those that have no future stock planned, will be identified as “Sold Out”. They will look “grey” in your order. These items are not available at this time and will be excluded from your order. If this happens, notify your customer. Be sure to have a product replacement to recommend based on her specific needs.

8. Submit and Review Confirmation: When you have reviewed all the items provided on your Order Summary page, be sure to click “Submit Orders” and review your Order Confirmation. This page will provide important information that you can use to follow up with your customers, including:

  • Expected ship date
  • Estimated order details


  • Estimated amount due


Taken from Avon University https://avonu.youravon.com/tasks/45034

Tips for Selling Avon Online

Avon representatives can sell Avon online and receive the same commission as a face to face sale! This is great news. Here are some tips for selling more Avon online, taken from the Avon University which is free for all Avon representatives.

Join Avon and sell online.

Customers are also able to order at any time of day and have their product shipped directly which means you have more time to focus on finding your next customer!   

To ensure your customers are aware of your Online Store, be sure to do the following when engaging directly (in person) or indirectly (on social media):

  • Add labels to each brochure you hand out that includes your contact information and the personalized URL you have created for your Online Store.
  • Place the link to your Online Store within your email signature so that every email you send is an invitation to shop.
  • As you build profiles on various social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, etc.) be sure to include the link to your Online Store.
  • Include the link to your Online Store within social media posts.


Kick Start you Avon Business

New Avon representatives can earn MORE money with the Kickstart incentive.

  • EARN 40% on all sales (including online sales, direct delivery, fixed-earnings items and beauty) in your first 7 campaigns when you hit your KickStart sales goals. For example, you can earn $60 for every $150 sold in your second campaign!

  • EARN an extra $50 for every Qualified Recruit referred during your first 7 campaigns with Avon. A Qualified Recruit is defined as having a $150 or more on time paid 1st order or 2nd order.

  • EARN an additional $200 performance bonus when you hit your sales goals for all 6 campaigns and bring in at least 3 Qualified Recruits.

(Taken from the free Avon University https://avonu.youravon.com/tasks/44998)



Advertise the Grand Opening of your Avon business!

So, you’ve decided to start your own Avon business, Congratulations!  Now, it’s time to get the word out. (Not started yet? You can here)

Taken from Avon University (which is totally free for all representatives!)….

5 Ways to Amp Up Your Announcement: Consider the following creative ways to celebrate

  1. Have someone take a picture of you “celebrating” – jumping in the air, throwing confetti, etc.  Post something like, “Guess why I am celebrating!”  Let people comment for a while and then do a subsequent post announcing your new Avon business.

  2. Send handwritten notes to individuals who have encouraged you and may have led you to think about starting your own business.  Thank them for their support and tell them how excited you are to tell them all about your new business venture.

  3. Use the unboxing of your Starter Kit as an invite only event and ask your network to join you for a private showing of the amazing products that Avon has to offer.

  4. Take a selfie with your Mentor.  Tell the world how excited you are to start a new business with the help of a friend (or your new friend)!

  5. Take a selfie of you in front of your website and post or email it out.  Include the link to your Online Store and be sure to say how proud you are to have your very own website to promote your new Avon business.



Avon Wild Country Limited Edition Boot Bottle

My favorite cologne…. and sure to be yours! I’ve purchased this for the men in my life many times, and the “new” classic bottle makes a great gift.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Wild Country, we are offering this classic everyday fragrance of Wild Country cologne packaged in a limited-edition boot-shaped decanter.
Ever wanted to capture your rugged appeal in a bottle of cologne spray? Reign in your confident style then let it loose with Wild Country. This lively fougère scent evokes masculinity with the aroma of oakmoss, lavender, coriander, bergamot and amber. 5 fl. oz. bottle.

Purchase a bottle of Wild Country from your Frankfort Illinois Avon Representative online or call her 708-248-2348 for delivery!

• Inspire confidence with the fresh fougère scent

Top: Bergamot
Middle: Sandalwood
Bottom: Aromatic Woods