Stay At Home Order & My Avon Business

How has the “Stay at Home” order effected my small business… I was asked this the other day.

I had to think about this hard. I am very lucky, I don’t have a building to worry about or employees to pay. I didn’t have to shut down. The stay at home order did close down the Avon distribution center for a few days (maybe it was weeks… time has no meaning during a pandemic!) but I was lucky enough to have the most popular items stocked up for immediate delivery. I no longer went door to door, but had “curbside pickup” with contactless delivery happening. It was a strange time… my packages were scented with Lysol instead of the newest perfume and the small talk I love was cut short.

But, the customers kept purchasing their daily items like shampoo, soaps and body lotions. I sold MUCH less lipstick but MANY more eyebrow pencils. Eyes were the “must have” accessory as it’s all we could see of each other. I had eyebrow tutorials on replay at home while I sent out “how to achieve the perfect brow” to my new customers.

Online orders picked up though the average order size went slightly down. People weren’t spending so much on new clothing or jewelry, but instead buying masks and hand soap that we now carry. I think many of us were nervous about spending extra money as the economy was (and still is) shaky. Interestingly enough, I added almost 100 new team members. Most were women who were finding them selves at home with free time as they were laid off or their hours were cut. I was able to help them start a business (that cost them zero dollars to start) and start earning some money easily. Some of these women have gone back to full time employment and will continue to sell a little on the side while others are really embracing the Avon business and working this like a new job – and excelling.

I was able to bring my son into the business more as he was out of school early with little else to do since baseball was postponed. He enjoys packaging up the orders and taking photos for social media. He also enjoys laughing at me when I try to make videos like the tiktok video I did on our new cleaning supplies. I don’t think he wants me on that app 😉

So, it’s been an interesting year and it’s not over yet. Avon continues to release new items for us to wow with and I keep finding new people interested in the work as well as the product. We had to change the way we work, but it didn’t change what I do.

I hope you are staying safe and well during this. Love your neighbors and spread kindness everywhere you go.

Want to join me on your own Avon journey?

Image from–lip-mask-dental.jpg

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