Pineapple Everything

Seriously. How adorable are these?

Espadrille slip on shoes with a cushion sole. Would you wear a pineapple on your foot?

Summer shoes are always hard for me to find. I like something cute and sassy and normally won’t wear sandals because I don’t like to show off my toes. These pineapple shoes are adorable, they are attention getting and perfect for summer. I’ve worn them with shorts, with capris and even with jeans.

I pair my pineapple shoes up with a cropped jean jacket, yellow t-shirt and a pair of shorts and toss on some gold earrings. I think I look amazing if I do say so myself!

These shoes are $34.99. Purchase them here. If you become an Avon representative you’ll save 40% (to join Avon it’s $25 with no other costs/fees or quotas, you can use your account as a personal shopping account and save 20-40% on everything… sign up at


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