Glimmersticks in Stock

Avon’s Glimmersticks are a top seller for almost all Avon representatives. These eyeliners have a cult like following and are a favorite of regular moms and celebrities alike. Your local Avon Lady, Jill, has them in stock at $3.00 each for a limited time. Call or message me for local pick up or I can mail them to you next day. 708-248-2348

Colors of Glimmersticks Eyeliners In Stock:

Blackest Night (waterproof)
Smoky Gray (Waterproof)
Brown Chocolate (Waterproof)
Midnight Blue (waterproof)
Majestic Plum
Starry Night Blue
Blackened Green (my favorite!)
Saturn Grey
Blackest Black
Cosmic Brown
Twilight Sparkle
Teal Sparkle
Smoky Diamond


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