One little social media tip for direct sales

One tip for direct sales success online.

Buy a domain name (or two) and have it forward to your shopping store and direct link to your recruiting page.

For example. If I wanted to share my avon store with a customer, I would say “go to in the past. Now I say go to  I’ve seen some peoples web store name as confusing as go to

Don’t do that!

Go to or any other domain seller and then pick a website name that is:

  • short
  • has key words
  • easy to say
  • easy to spell
  • easy to remember
  • applicable to your company
  • doesn’t break company rules

then link that new domain name to your website.

Start giving out people your new cute website name and the internets will automatically know where they are really headed.

Join my successful Avon team and I’ll help you pick out a cute domain name and you’ll be conquering online sales in no time at all! All of my team members have access to a secret facebook group, bi-weekly emails with tips and tricks of direct sales success and welcome gifts. You’ll be able to earn over $3,600 in bonuses your first few months as an Avon Representative and I’ll help you every step if you want! Go to and learn more.




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