What Skin Care Do I Need?

skinadviserSerums, eye creams, retinal, resurfacing, night cream, day cream… it can get overwhelming. Avon makes it easy. Check out the skin care advisor– 8 questions to help guide you to the proper skin care routine.

A quick run through of the Skin Care Advisor:

  • Is your skin care sensitive or normal
  • How many skin care products do you currently use
  • How much sleep do you get
  • What is your lifestyle (urban, outdoors, office)
  • What is your skin type (oily, normal, combination etc)
  • Your main concern(s)
    • Lines and wrinkles
    • Age spots
    • Deep wrinkles
    • Texture
    • Firmness/sagging
    • Radiance

You will then be shown just a few items that will work best with your skin type and skin concerns. It’s really a great tool especially for those of us just upgrading from our daily moisturizer or sun screen. Go to Skin Care Advisor now.


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